Summary Steps for Application Process

Be sure to follow the correct steps to submit the application for internal review:

  1. Complete Funding Proposal
  2. Complete Budget
  3. Click Validate Proposal
  4. If this is, click “update SF424” (this is the only time you will click this activity).
  5. Click on tab
  6. Click on Name Hyperlink (i.e SF-42400000000 for FP00050000)
  7. Click on Edit Grant Application
  8. Complete application
  9. Click on Validate Submission (a pop up box will appear with any notes on errors/warnings)
  10. Click Generate PDF Version (this is optional but highly encouraged)
  11. Click on Title of funding proposal to go back the funding proposal workspace (grants>Funding Proposal Title>42400000000 for FP00050000)
  12. Click on Submit for Internal Review (a pop up box will appear)

Training tutorials – For more information, click on links below.

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